Teeth Are Gnashed After Ron DeSantis Makes a Move on the First Day of 'Pride Month'

Ron DeSantis has quickly become the left’s new public enemy #1, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. The Florida governor has recently dropped the hammer on big tech and vaccine passports in his state. Now, he’s signing a bill into law that will protect young girls from having to compete against biological boys in sports.


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That means teeth must be gnashed.

First, I thought “pride month” was about being gay? What do transgender sports have to do with that? Besides, when you claim 1/12th of the year for your special interest, you can’t expect the rest of the world to cease to operate. This bill made it through the legislature in Florida and was put on DeSantis’ desk to sign. It’s his job to either do so or veto it.

Secondly, there is no such thing as a “transgender female.” The word female is a biological denotation of sex. Weren’t we all told that sex and gender are separate, thereby justifying the nonsensical, anti-scientific nature of transgender ideology? I can’t keep up anymore, and the attempts to further abuse language are obviously being done on purpose to keep nudging the ball further toward the left. If a person wants to act as if they are the opposite sex, they are free to do so in America and shouldn’t be harassed. But the rest of us are still allowed to have our own beliefs about the emotional and physical costs paid by that person.


Lastly, what DeSantis is doing here, pride month or not, is necessary. Girls should not be forced to compete against boys who have a clear biological advantage over them. Government should be extremely limited, but one role it should serve is protecting children. How some Republicans reached a point where they actually believe the rights of transgender people to twerk in front of children override society’s duty to protect kids is beyond me.

DeSantis continues to make all the right moves and that’s why Democrats, and by extension the media, hate him. Florida has become a haven for freedom lovers across the country. We can only hope those migrating there don’t turn it into what they left.


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