Lisa Murkowski Gets Served a Great, Big Helping of 'Unity' From Joe Biden

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) decided to forgo actually doing her job of advising and consenting to Joe Biden’s various nominees, electing to instead vote for all manner of crazy and unqualified people in the name of bipartisan unity. She also recently voted for the so-called “January 6th commission.”


Well, that’s not working out too well, as Murkowski got served a large helping of said unity from Joe Biden today. It came in the form of the administration shutting down more oil leases in Alaska, further harming the state’s chief industry.

It’s almost like rubber-stamping appointments that are promising to destroy your state’s economy is a bad idea, right?

There is no need for another environmental review. They’ve been done over and over and what is happening in ANWR is proven to be safe. The oil companies follow extremely strict regulations, leaving no stone overturned when finished. The leases are not harming wildlife, and there’s no evidence to even suggest they are. Everyone knows this move by Biden is purely political. It’s a bending of the knee to the environmental lobby that helped bankroll his campaign. Now, more jobs will be lost, oil prices will keep rising, and the middle class will be hurt the most. No mean tweets, though.

Murkowski, for her part, voted to confirm Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and EPA Director Michael S. Reagan, both apparachiks of the left and both of whom have long signaled an openness to further limiting oil drilling. In other words, Murkowski is so attached to Washington D.C. that she spit in the face of her own constituents to give a bunch of wine-sipping, East Coast liberals a win. If a starker example of Republican impotence exists, I’m not aware of it (but to be sure, this isn’t the only one). Murkowski had such an easy setup to reject these appointments and show some semblance of care for the people in her state. Instead, she chose to keep her place on the cocktail circuit. And for what? The left still hates her and has returned none of her goodwill. As they say, a sucker is born every minute, and Murkowski no doubt was one of them.


Because of all this, Murkowski is facing a real challenge in 2022, and that’s if she decides to run again. Some of the things she’s been doing signal she may not even bother, and that would be a great thing for Alaska and the Republican Party.


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