Xi and His Boys Enjoy a Good Laugh After a Biden Advisor Bends the Knee

Xi and His Boys Enjoy a Good Laugh After a Biden Advisor Bends the Knee
AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Jay L. Clendenin, Pool

I’m not sure we’ve had a presidential administration as weak as Joe Biden’s since, well, the Obama administration. Actually, when I put it that way, I guess it hasn’t really been that long. Still, the stakes are high and making impotence a key part of one’s foreign policy is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Biden and his handlers are doing. The impotence is the point.

The idea that the real issue isn’t how the virus originated is perhaps the most asinine statement made about COVID in the last several weeks. I realize that the Biden administration is on the defensive after canceling an investigation into the lab leak theory and then having it blow up in their faces. Regardless, knowing how a virus that has killed millions of people managed to infect the entire globe seems rather relevant to me. Yes, I think it’s more relevant than yet more back and forth over mitigation measures. If you can stop a virus from ever getting out, we don’t need to “protect ourselves” from said virus.

This is common sense stuff, but again, the weakness is the point. Biden’s family is heavily entangled with the Chinese and Biden himself has been an apologist for the communist regime for decades. He famously pronounced that a rising China was good for the world when that clearly has not been the case. That’s continued a theme of Biden being wrong about all things foreign policy because that’s kind of his thing.

Biden bending the knee to China shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. President Xi and his boys have to be having a good laugh right about now. They’ve got a doddering old man to deal with as U.S. president and his administration is full of weak, left-wing ideologues that are terrified of offending the sensibilities of the communists. The CCP couldn’t have asked for a better setup to counter American influence.

Of course, we know the other reason Biden’s advisor said this. They do not want to deal with the origin issue because that would require them to admit that Donald Trump didn’t personally cook up COVID-19 in his basement. It would also require an admission that Democrats were wrong when they freaked out about Republicans blaming China, citing racism instead of the fact that, you know, China is to blame.

Joe Biden is soft. Our adversaries know he’s soft, and the laying prostrate before tyrants will continue until morale improves.

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