Republicans Fold Like a Cheap Suit and Prepare to Hand Joe Biden His Top Priority

Republicans Fold Like a Cheap Suit and Prepare to Hand Joe Biden His Top Priority
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After months of Joe Biden and his handlers beating the drum of “infrastructure,” a term that has been rendered completely meaningless, Republicans have decided that folding like a cheap suit is the right move. The GOP is preparing a $1 trillion counter-proposal which will serve as the next step toward a “compromise.”

U.S. Senate Republicans, hoping to strike a deal with President Joe Biden on infrastructure, are expected to unveil a new offer on Thursday that would spend about $1 trillion to revitalize America’s roads, bridges and broadband systems.

The plan, from a group of six Republicans led by Senator Shelley Moore Capito, represents their counter-offer to a week-old $1.7 trillion White House proposal that slashed more than $500 billion from Biden’s original $2.25 trillion plan in a bid to reach a bipartisan agreement.

“Hopefully, it will move the ball along,” Capito told reporters on Wednesday.

Why is any Republican looking to strike a deal on infrastructure when we have inflation that’s out of control and an economy that’s stagnating? I don’t know about you, but I’m not really looking to pay $5 for a loaf of bread after the already painful price increases on most products we’ve seen this year. Spending was already out of control. That doesn’t mean you just keep spending and spending as if it won’t make things even worse.

You know what Democrats don’t do when Republicans propose something outrageous? They don’t rush to compromise, thereby handing their opposition a political victory while crushing the very constituents they claim to care about with ever-increasing inflation. The United States does not have an infrastructure problem. Are there things that could be improved? Sure, and there always will be. But this myth that our bridges and roads are crumbling is just that. Compared to the rest of the world, we still have some of the most solid infrastructure in existence. Cherry-picking things like airports and comparing ours to China is misleading at best.

Besides, any massive infrastructure package will simply be a giveaway to special interests. Remember the last “stimulus bill” which was supposed to focus on “shovel-ready” infrastructure jobs? How’d that turn out? Yet, Sen. Capito seems content to repeat the same mistakes again because Republicans never learn. West Virginia is not sending us their best for being such a red state.

Now is the time for the GOP to buckle down and win in 2022, not give Joe Biden a gift that will do nothing but make the situation in the country worse. We can’t afford to keep printing money the way we have. Forget about some future economic collapse caused by the debt for a moment. Even just focusing on the current effects on costs for consumers, this has to stop.

The only saving grace here is that Democrats will probably be too greedy to accept any counter-proposal from Republicans. That’ll leave things in the hands of Joe Manchin again, who has pledged to not touch the filibuster.

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