The Biden Administration's Latest Hypocrisy on the Courts Will Have You Seeing Cross-Eyed

One of the wonders of our current political moment is that one political party openly supports packing the Supreme Court simply because they don’t like the current makeup. Republicans followed the constitutional process to gain a 5-4 majority (Chief Justice John Roberts is basically with the liberal wing at this point). Democrats and the Biden administration now want to counter that by simply adding justices that fit their ideological worldview.


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It’s banana republic stuff on a level that would make El Salvador blush and speaking of El Salvador, the Biden administration is condemning a move in the Central American country to change the makeup of that nation’s highest court.

Yes, I’m serious. I couldn’t possibly make something this absurd up. Bask in the sheer audacity shown in the tweet below.

That’s the same Kamala Harris who has supported Supreme Court “reform,” including adding justices to the court along partisan lines. The Biden administration has even put together a mostly far-left “commission” to look into the possibility. How exactly does that fall into the realm of letting the judiciary be independent as Harris urges above?

Do these people even hear themselves? Or do they simply know they can get away with being this ridiculous? It has to be the latter because no one can be so dense as to not see the obvious contradiction in the Biden administration condemning El Salvador’s legislature for messing with the courts while at the same time lauding Democrats in Congress for doing the same thing.


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On a broader level, this is a good example of how globalists treat policy, both on the left and the right. They’ll try to hold other countries to standards to which they don’t even hold themselves. That goes for the morality surrounding the use of military force and overthrowing other governments, as well. This move by the El Salvadorian legislature is probably corrupt, but it’s just as corrupt for Democrats to try to “reform” the Supreme Court by packing it with left-wing justices that will do their bidding. At least El Salvador has the excuse of being a failed state. What’s Kamala Harris’ excuse?

At the end of the day, if you are adding justices to get a preferred result, that’s no different or better than removing justices to get a preferred result. A competent, honest media would be pointing that out, but who am I kidding? We don’t have one of those.


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