Peter Doocy Hits Jen Psaki With Biden's Own Words, Her Response Is Nonsense

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Today, Joe Biden put out an executive order mandating the creation of a group of mostly left-wing academics to study the issue of packing the court. While the administration is trying to soften the move by claiming it’s exploratory in nature and that all sides will get input, we know what this really is. It’s a bone being thrown to Democrats who have decided that they’d rather blow up the Supreme Court than allow conservative legal thought to have any input in our country.


Jen Psaki was pinned down on this topic by Peter Doocy, and he brought the receipts. The Fox News reporter had quotes of Biden calling court-packing a “boneheaded” idea. There’s more as well, which I’ll share below.

Here’s the clip from the press briefing.

Psaki is really terrible at her job, but she knows she can be so because the press is so biased. Thus, you get meandering deflections such as this that don’t actually address the root issue of the question. Why was Biden bashing on court-packing when he thought it would hurt his party but is now open to doing it via the recommendations of some un-elected committee? I mean, we know the answer, but Psaki should have a better answer ready than pretending this all some bipartisan move to bolster the integrity of the court. Clearly, it’s a naked power grab and an obvious one at that.

To further that point, Biden also slammed the idea of court-packing back in 2005 as, you guessed it, a “power grab.”


Hey, I agree with Joe Biden. But does Joe Biden agree with Joe Biden? Of course not. He probably can’t even tie his own shoes, but his handlers are pushing forward with a radical agenda anyway. The only real test left is how much of a backlash it’s going to cause. I’m of the mind that it’s going to be substantial come 2022.

In the end, the court isn’t getting packed. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema aren’t going to allow it. But that so many Democrats would actually do it shows just how far gone they are as a governing party. It also shows just how important Donald Trump’s presidency was. Think about that the next time someone suggests it wasn’t worth it.

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