Watch: When Protesters Attack Car in Portland, One Man Learns a Hard Lesson

AP Photo/Noah Berger

The chaos in Portland, OR is never-ending, it seems. Antifa members have essentially taken over parts of the city while “protesters” routinely block traffic and assault people simply trying to live their lives. That happened again yesterday, with about 25 people trying to block an intersection while a car was sitting in it.

What transpired was one man learning a hard lesson about the difference between an umbrella and a car.

The claim that this was a “peaceful demonstration” is discounted by what’s actually shown in the video. The man is being accosted while he’s in his car. When he tries to drive straight ahead, protesters leave their positions on the side of the vehicle to try to block one. One man then jumps on the hood while others attempt to punch the driver through the window. That’s when he hits the gas and the man with the umbrella figures out that pavement is a hard surface.

That anyone could watch that video and come to the conclusion that the driver is at fault is mind-boggling, but that’s exactly what the person who posted this and many in the replies believe. Some are suggesting the driver will be arrested, and honestly, they are probably right. This is Portland we are talking about, and the city’s inability to combat Antifa has only been matched by their active coddling of those who “protest” under its guise. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the driver were charged with a crime while those who took swings at him and jumped on his car aren’t even arrested. This will continue until Portland’s Democrat-led government takes action, and while they’ve feigned outrage lately at Antifa’s antics, we still aren’t seeing much being done to stop the chaos.

Let this be a lesson for more normal thinking people in these major, far-left cities. Do you want to live somewhere where a woke prosecutor can ruin your life simply for trying to protect yourself? If you don’t, then you should seriously think about moving, and don’t bring your liberal politics with you.