Antifa Makes Bad Move Attacking Cop in Portland

Antifa Makes Bad Move Attacking Cop in Portland
AP Photo/Noah Berger

The verdict came in the trial of Derek Chauvin yesterday. He was found guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd.

But BLM and Antifa folks who claimed that they had been marching for “justice” were still not happy, with many of them calling for the elimination of policing completely.

In Portland, they proved with their actions, once again, how much policing is in fact needed. They called for “rage,” no matter what the verdict turned out to be yesterday.

“Called for by a black woman?” She has no name, not even an “anon” name? She’s just a “black woman?”

A large group of Antifa assembled after the verdict and went about smashing up business.

Antifa had shown the night before just how much they cared about “black lives” when they smashed up the windows and the doors of the Boys and Girls Club in Northeast Portland, causing $20,000 in damage to the charitable institution that provides services for mostly black and Hispanic kids and their families.

But as they were smashing through the neighborhood on Tuesday night, the members of the group surrounded a police officer and got in a confrontation with him. An officer, who was on a bike, tried to get past one of them and moved him out of the way. The guy who was moved then sucker-punched another one of the cops right in the face. That brought a lot of other officers in, who came on the run, piling on the attacker. I’m guessing that made him decidedly an unhappy camper, with all those cops landing on him.

The Antifa guy was arrested. Now hopefully, the progressive district attorney actually gives him a real charge for assaulting the cop.

But he already found out that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And he didn’t enjoy that reaction.

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