Joe Biden Spits on the Constitution by Repeating a Dangerous Lie He's Told Before

Last night, Joe Biden gave one of the most boring speeches in presidential history. Along the way, he managed to stuff in a left-wing wishlist that would cause Bernie Sanders to squee. It’s not easy to put people to sleep while at the same time promising to destroy the country, but Biden managed it.


The president also repeated a lie he delivered during a previous speech, proceeding to spit on the Constitution in the process.

There are two ways to look at this.

For starters, it’s just dumb and mockable. Do his advisors not realize he’s already been called out for this lie, or do they just not care? This is a line that Biden first delivered more on the fly several weeks back (but perhaps this confirms this idiocy was planned all along) so you’d expect that the person who wrote his speech would clean it up and at least add a qualifier or two. Perhaps Biden reinserted it? Or maybe his writers are just this bad and dishonest?

The actual precedent that Biden is butchering is that speech that incites imminent, unlawful action is not protected by the First Amendment (Brandenburg vs. Ohio). Yelling “fire” in a theater doesn’t do that. Yet, left-wingers have been using that outdated, irrelevant example because they feel it gives them leeway to ban whatever speech they want for the “greater good.”

Past that, what Biden is saying is incredibly dangerous. That a president would literally proclaim multiple times that no constitutional amendment is absolute while using an overturned court case to push such a lie is scary. It shows a man who has no limiting principles whatsoever. If no amendment is absolute, can Congress restrict voting by income, race, etc.? Biden would say no, but his words in the speech said something different. They open the door for massive amounts of abuse if such a view were taken up by the Supreme Court itself.


But Democrats laud their lack of limiting principles. Their radicalism is only matched by their inability to think past today. That’s how you get them blowing up the judicial filibuster only to see the precedent punch them in the face a few years later. These people are so mad for power that they don’t care what they destroy along the way. Biden fits that mold perfectly. He’s a dodderingly, senile old man, but he’s always been a radical. That continued last night, and Republicans should stop fist-bumping him (looking at Liz Cheney last night) and start taking this threat seriously.


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