Joy Reid Delivers an Insanely Conspiratorial and Dangerous Take on the Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

There’s a lot of lazy, stupid narrative pushing that happens on cable news channels like CNN and MSNBC. To that extent, pointing it out feels a bit like a dog-bites-man story these days.


But then there’s Joy Reid, who was promoted to a primetime slot on MSNBC not that long ago. Reid isn’t just your typical partisan who just absconds from facts in order to support her political wants. Rather, Reid is a certified nutjob.

Given that, I expected a less than thoughtful take from the host in regards to the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old who was shot by police while attempting to stab someone to death. Even still, I’m not sure I expected it to be this insane.

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I’ll start by pointing out that the only people who have consistently told the truth about this situation are the police. Multiple family members lied early on about what happened in an attempt to paint the life-saving officer as a racist murderer. So why exactly should we not believe the police? Further, as is pointed out by Curtis Houck, you could simply believe your eyes. There’s footage of this shooting that shows exactly what happened.


Past that, on what planet do police allow people to be stabbed because there’s a chance the victim might survive? Reid’s argument appears to be that it would be better to have let Ma’Khia Bryant attempt to murder someone in the off chance they both end up alive at the end of the day. Of course, if Reid were on the other end of the blade, I have a feeling she’d feel differently.

Let’s also talk about the issue of age. This was a large 16-year-old girl swinging a knife at people. Her age is irrelevant to the officer’s response. Police do not just magically know how old someone is when they arrive on a scene nor does it matter when they are trying to protect another life from deadly force via an assailant. In other words, the age issue is just an emotional distraction. It doesn’t actually mean anything in regards to this situation.

Reid would go on to assert that the officers who responded were racists who had it out for black people because one was wearing a “blue lives matter” mask. She also praised San Francisco’s DA for not prosecuting crimes, claiming that has actually helped black people in the city. The rising crime rates would disagree.


Honestly, MSNBC has to be feeling trapped right now. Reid has gone so far off the deep end that she makes Rachel Maddow look like a measured, unbiased newscaster. But MSNBC can never demote Reid because it would cause a massive racial backlash. They are stuck, and they know it. Meanwhile, Reid’s conspiratorial, fact-free, race-war-pushing nonsense will keep going on air.


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