John Kerry Seems to Promote the Extinction of Humanity in Latest Rant

U.S. State Department/Flickr

John Kerry is back on the international stage, and I’m not sure that’s a thing anyone asked for. The former failed Secretary of State that oversaw the rise of ISIS and the disastrous Iran deal is back in his element. That mostly consists of ranting about the imminent dangers of global warming.

Of course, this is the same guy whose past predictions on that topic have all fallen flat (remember him saying the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013?), but the grift keeps on going even as he flies around in private jets, owns a yacht, and likely puts out more carbon emissions in a week than most do in a year.

Yesterday, while speaking at a “climate summit,” Kerry seemingly stumped for the extinction of humanity (and all life for that matter). Behold, your intellectual betters.

Yes, let’s “get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere” despite the fact that life on earth could not exist without it. Of course, we could assume he just meant “some” carbon dioxide, though, he doesn’t say that and I’m under no obligation to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even then, do you really trust scientists to tinker with something as fundamental as the makeup of the atmosphere by which all life is dependent?

Further, let’s assume you are a true believer in all things global warming, i.e. that it’s wholly man-made and not just mostly a result of natural climate cycles we’ve seen on earth since the beginning of time. Still, there seem to be far better ways for human’s to adapt to a relatively small temperature rise over the next 100 years (and a rise of around 3-4 degrees is the worst case according to projections) than trying to pull carbon dioxide out of the air, possibly causing all kinds of unintended consequences, including some that could be catastrophic.

Regardless, I don’t think too many people are even paying attention to this stuff. Putting aside how accurate the science is or isn’t on global warming, the hysteria surrounds it seems to be a purely beltway phenomenon.

There were only 200 viewers watching while Kerry was talking. Most of those people probably work for him in some capacity. In short, he can rant and say silly things, showing a complete disregard for science in the process, but no one is paying attention. He’s a vanity item in the current administration and just a way for Joe Biden to claim he covered this specific base so the left-wing doesn’t go after him.