BREAKING: Police Shoot and Kill Teenage Girl in Ohio, Angry Crowds Already Gathering

If the guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial had any chance of quelling the angry, already gathered “protest” crowds around the country right now, this incident may blow all that up.


Police in Columbus, OH have reportedly shot and killed a 15-year old girl. Crowds of yelling bystanders are already gathering. Videos are being posted from the scene of the incident.

Of course, there’s typically more to any story like this, and other reports are alleging that the girl had a knife. In fact, the above poster put out another comment admitting that not only did she have a knife, but she was in an altercation with another girl.


If that account is true, the officer was almost certainly justified. If someone is fighting with another person and the police witness the drawing of a weapon, they have a duty to stop the armed person from harming or killing the other person they are fighting with. I have no idea how that’s even controversial, yet social media is abuzz with claims that they should have used a taser or that this was somehow a purposeful killing in retaliation for the Chauvin verdict.

We’ll keep you updated on this story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it led to more rioting, violence, and destruction despite the fact that the information that’s out there seems to point to the officer acting properly.


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