It Happened: Derek Chauvin Trial Jurors Now Partially Doxxed as They Deliberate on a Verdict

Yesterday, RedState reported on CBS News hinting at doxxing the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial, including giving one jurors age and the city he lives in. Now, the local left-wing rag has decided to take a giant leap further on that front. They’ve released the bios of all the Chauvin trial jurors, including the alternates.


Through the jury selection process, in which Judge Peter Cahill and attorneys from both sides questioned potential jurors, we have gathered information on those who were selected for the jury: their ages, marital status and occupations, as well as how they feel about Black Lives Matter, police in general and the presumption of innocence.

Yes, because how someone feels about Black Lives Matter should be used against them publicly in regards to being a juror on a criminal case. We live in the dumbest of times, and that’s saying something.

The Star Tribune stops just short of giving the names of the jurors, but there’s more than enough information given for the left to finish the job of fully doxxing these people. One juror is even noted to have a family member who’s on a certain police department, further narrowing things down. Here’s just one description so you can see how much detail is given.

A white man in his 20s. He’s from Minneapolis and works as a chemist. Because of his profession, he said, “I consider myself a pretty logical person…I rely on facts and logic and what’s in front of me. Opinion and facts are important distinctions for me.” He said he has a generally favorable view of the Black Lives Matter movement but added that “I think all lives matter equally” and that the “Blue Lives Matter” message among police advocates is a counter viewpoint that isn’t necessary. He has not viewed the bystander video of George Floyd’s death. He has visited 38thand Chicago where Floyd was killed because he and his fiancé considered moving to the area.


The entire article separates the jurors out by and focuses on race, an absolutely misleading thing to do when you suppose that our judicial system is supposed to be blind and that Minnesota is only 7% African-American. Someone being white, black, or multi-race isn’t supposed to be the deciding factor in how they rule on a case, but this gives the impression it is. The Tribune dives into the jurors’ beliefs on racial issues, how they feel about Chauvin, and whether they believe “Black Lives Matter.”

As to where the paper got this information, it appears to be leaked via questionnaires the jurors originally filled out, though, it’s possible they came about it some other way. They do not specify the source, but only say that they gathered the data in question. Regardless, there’s no news value here. Listing the jurors’ political beliefs, race, and sex for all to see is simply meant to incite more unrest. It also serves as a next step for activists if Chauvin isn’t convicted of murder.

Will this throw another wrench into the trial after the judge has already had to deal with the prosecution almost causing a mistrial and politicians like Maxine Waters threatening violence if they don’t get the verdict they want? We’ll see, but I’m sure he’s not pleased with this development.



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