Biden Advisor's Response to Question About MLB Boycott of Georgia is Mind-Boggling

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

With the MLB pulling the all-star game out of Georgia, the questions for Democrats are piling up. Specifically, what exactly did they accomplish by lying about the election reform bill except costing Georgia business owners over $100 million in revenue?

Stacey Abrams has been the least self-aware in the aftermath, claiming that she’s not to blame despite clearly being to blame (see Stacey Abrams Shows Zero Self-Awareness in Pretending She’s Not to Blame for MLB Boycott). Others like Raphael Warnock haven’t even tried to pretend they don’t the result.

Of course, it wasn’t just Georgia-centric figures in the mix here. Joe Biden also voiced his support for the boycott, and one of his advisors was asked about it this morning. Her answer is mind-boggling.

This is what being out of touch looks like.

Oh, you mean some workers in New York City (which is being discussed as a possible relocation site for the all-star game) will benefit despite the fact that New York has stricter voting laws than Georgia? Makes sense, right?

But it’s really the callousness of this answer that gets me. It tells you exactly what Biden, Democrats, and the broader left think of American workers and business owners. They aren’t individual people with individual lives that can be impacted by garbage rhetoric and policy decisions. Rather, they are just cogs in the machine. As long as a set number of people jump in to make widgets, Biden and his flacks couldn’t care less what happens to everyone else. It’s a gross way to deal with matters, but it’s what always happens as government power expands to the point of absurdity. Things become impersonal and soulless, with a focus on the “greater good” than on how things affect the lives of real people.

Do you know what would be helpful right now? Having an administration that cares more about telling the truth than lying about a mundane election law for political gain. None of this had to happen. This is on the heads of Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, Keisha Lance-Bottoms, Joe Biden, and a myriad of mainstream media hacks who propagated a false narrative about Georgia’s election reform bill.

Georgians have a chance to make things right starting in 2022. Hopefully, this episode is fresh in their minds. Warnock needs to be booted out of the Senate, and any run for governor by Abrams after that should be laughed at. These people don’t care about Georgia. They care about raising their own profiles and stuffing their pockets with grifter cash.