Ron DeSantis Has a 2022 Competitor, and She's Maximum Cringe

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

Ron DeSantis may be a boss, but that’s not stopping Democrats from attempting to unseat him in 2022. Part of that is abiding in the delusion that Florida has somehow done worse than most states in regards to COVID. Reality tells a different story, but when has that ever stopped the left?


Enter Nikki Fried. You’ve probably never heard of her because she’s an inconsequential politician, but she’s as thirsty as they come, and running for governor in 2022 is just the flavor she likes. Yet, her strategy to get there, and to eventually win, seems rather suspect.

For starters, she’s going on the show of a certified nutcase to apologize to the nation for Florida, and she’s less than articulate in doing so.

My word, that’s so cringy. It’s a wonder people like this ever get to where they get. Who voted for this person in 2018 and thought it was a good idea?

Regardless, Fried lives in a very divided state, and this seems like a terrible pathway to attempting to win the governorship. Do you know who you don’t need to pander to in Florida? People who watch Joy Reid. They are already going to crawl over broken glass to vote for whatever lefty the Democrats throw up there. Rather, Fried should be worried about appealing to independents, and batting around disproven conspiracy theories and false information isn’t the way to do that.


Fried wasn’t done, though. She kept the crazy flowing.

Ah, there it is. The appeal to the far-left, BlueAnon freaks that believe DeSantis cooked the books on COVID deaths. As I explained earlier this week, that’s a nonsense charge, not backed by a single piece of evidence. That didn’t stop Fried from going there because she apparently thinks appealing to the Rachel Maddow crowd is going to win her favor in a swing state that is turning redder.

Of course, Fried is really the one lying here. She’s making it seem like DeSantis is suddenly opening up and putting lives at risk. In reality, Florida never closed. His approach isn’t new, and it has already been proven successful. Florida ranks in the bottom half of the nation in deaths per one million despite having the largest senior population (see, most vulnerable) in the country. DeSantis accomplished that while not having draconian mask mandates and mitigation measures and by keeping the economy booming. He truly followed the science, not the elitist hype.


Given that, what exactly is Fried apologizing for in regards to Florida? If anything, she should be bragging about the success of her state, but she’s counting on her self-loathing raising her profile enough to catapult her in the coming Democrat primary. That’s probably a safe bet.

Yet, if this is the best Democrats can do in 2022, I don’t think DeSantis has much to worry about.



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