Joe Biden Demands New Mask Mandates, Says We Can't 'Risk More Desks' in Meandering, Nonsensical Rant

Follow the science. That’s what we’ve been repeatedly told by our supposed intellectual betters in Washington D.C. and on cable news. I’ve always taken that to mean look at objective data and make sound, rational decisions based on it.


That’s not the path the Biden administration has taken, though, nor was it the path Dr. Anthony Fauci took prior. This has never been more true than when it comes to the pushing of mask mandates. It doesn’t matter how much data we get, and we’ll get to that in a second, on their ineffectiveness. Weak, cowardly politicians looking for an excuse to shift blame from their bad policies still pretend that masks are a silver bullet.

Here’s Joe Biden going on a meandering, nonsensical rant, demanding that mask mandates be reinstated in states that have lifted them like Texas and Mississippi.

Let me offer my hearty answer to Biden – nope.

There is no scientific evidence to support more mask mandates. In fact, as I shared earlier today, the current rise in COVID cases is happening in the Northeast, in states that still have mask mandates. Does objective data not matter at all to Biden? I think we know the answer to that given his likely inability to process said data.


Again, note where the actual increase in cases is happening. It’s not in the places that have lifted mask mandates. Rather, it’s in the Northeast where lockdown measures and mask mandates are prevalent.

Further, to make this about patriotism is just gross. This country is founded on freedom, not government demands to put a piece of cloth on your face. You are not unpatriotic if you look at the observable evidence and decide there’s no point in doing so anymore. This is the same junk neoconservatives used to do in regards to the Iraq War, even after it became obvious it was a mistake.

What we are seeing here is Biden not wanting to own the increase in these Democrat-run states. Instead, he’s desperately trying to deflect to Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states that are doing objectively better without mask mandates. By focusing so much on masks, Biden wants to give the impression that the current national spike is a result of irresponsible red states. That’s simply not true, and the data proves it.


People are not going back. Biden can slander their patriotism and rant about masks all he wants. In the end, reality dictates how people behave, and reality says that mask mandates have nothing to do with the current rise in infections.



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