Nancy Pelosi Makes Stealing Elections Great Again Because She's a Shameless Hack

Nancy Pelosi Makes Stealing Elections Great Again Because She's a Shameless Hack
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As I wrote last week, House Democrats are currently in the throes of attempting to steal an election in Iowa’s 2nd District (see Democrats Try to Steal a House Seat and I’m Assured It’s an Insurrection). Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeated Rita Hart by six votes, a total that was recounted and certified months ago.

Despite that, Democrats have decided that elections just don’t count if the margin is tight enough and are exploring ways to overturn the results, not at the state level, but by choosing to seat Hart instead. Hart is apparently claiming to have “found” 22 uncounted ballots that would hand her the election. House Democrats, along party lines, are choosing to “investigate” the matter and whether to allow Miller-Meeks to keep serving.

Now, Nancy Pelosi is endorsing this nonsense because she’s a shameless hack.

What makes this so incredible is that Pelosi and her cohorts have spent the last several months accusing Republicans of literally inciting an insurrection for opposing the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Here, we have an election that’s already been certified and Pelosi is totally cool with playing around with the idea of unseating a Republican and installing a Democrat who objectively lost instead. Pelosi proclaims in the video that the House has the right to seat whomever they want, which may be technically true, but is a gross perversion of the system. It’s essentially the same argument some Republicans made about Congress not being technically required to certify Biden’s win, which makes Pelosi’s stance all the more hypocritical.

Honestly, I don’t understand Pelosi’s game here. What is there to gain by even normalizing this? We all know she’s going to oppose any Republican attempts to flip a close election in the future so why set the precedent now by asserting it’s proper to do? It’s not like this seat represents the balance of power in the House. It’d be much smarter, and obviously, the right decision to just accept Miller-Meeks’ win and stop this madness.

Yet, I think this is evidence of just how fearless Democrats are now. There are no repercussions for being raging hypocrites, nor do they pay a price for their bad policy. They can seek to overturn elections and no one in the media will utter more than a passing question with no follow-up. Meanwhile, anything Republicans do is spun as treason and insurrection. The game is rigged and Pelosi knows it so why not push the envelope? That’s gotta be the calculation here.


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