Biden Voters Start Posting Ls After He Bombs Syria, Hilarious Memes Follow

Yesterday, the United States did what it does best in the Middle East. Namely, we bombed some more stuff, this time in retaliation for a rocket strike, reportedly carried out by Iranian-backed militias, that took place in Iraq.


As I wrote this morning, the tongue-twisting spin is already in full effect in an attempt to explain how Biden blowing things up in Syria is somehow fundamentally different and legal in comparison to Trump blowing stuff up in Syria (see The Ridiculous Hair Splitting on Biden Bombing Syria Begins). Remember, Democrats were rabidly opposed to Trump’s military strikes in Syria, and they also gnashed their teeth over the killing of Qasem Soleimani.

But to the extent any of the attacks in Syria were legal (and that’s a very open question we should probably deal with at some point), they certainly can’t be separated by some arbitrary standard that presupposes that bombing “non-state” actors in Syria is somehow not still bombing the sovereign nation of Syria. Never mind that we have 900 troops in-country, as well.

Regardless, after Biden gave the go-ahead yesterday and then headed to bed at like six o’clock, some on the left seemed to be having a bit of buyer’s remorse.


I mean, that kind of is what you voted for, is it not? There was no secrecy surrounding the fact that Joe Biden is a foreign policy idiot who believes in the typical establishmentarian, Bush-Obama approach to the Middle East. Did any Biden voter really think he wouldn’t start bombing something shortly after taking office? Heck, he did make it an entire month. That says something, right?

As to the $2,000 checks, that was predictable as well. Had Republicans kept the Senate, Trump would have been able to push them through. With Democrats in charge, Pelosi is too busy stuffing blue state bailouts and federal employee handouts into the bill for it to pass. Heck, it might not even survive the reconciliation process.

Meanwhile, the hilarious memes were flowing, as well, in response to the Syrian attack.


As they say, you get what you vote for. Biden voters are going to get plenty of that, and our electoral process doesn’t offer refunds. Maybe worrying so much about mean tweets wasn’t the best strategy if one actually cares about the health of the country, including how we handle foreign military conflict? Just a thought.



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