Donald Trump Is Finally Going Down Hard, I'm Assured of It

Donald Trump Is Finally Going Down Hard, I'm Assured of It
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Did you know that after five years of the walls closing in, that the walls are finally closing in on Donald Trump? I know, it’s shocking stuff.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, including all three Trump-appointed justices (so much for the left’s conspiracy theories on that front), voted against shielding Trump’s tax returns from partisan state prosecutors. And because the media can’t quit Donald Trump, the result was a relative revival of cable news’ glory days. Panels were quickly assembled to talk shop on how the former president is sure to be behind bars soon. They even managed to get Michael Cohen, a felon, on the air to give his highly-valued opinion.

“Well, obviously we don’t know what the tax returns show,” Cohen replied, noting that Trump had worked hard to prevent anyone from getting access to his tax records. “You know, remember the Hans Christian Anderson book ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’? I think we’re going to need to see a sequel to that book called, ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes.’”

Cohen went on to suggest Trump would get caught because there was no way to declare “hush money” as a legitimate deduction, noting that he was not an accountant and could not go into greater detail.

“One thing I can turn around and tell you, he should start maybe speaking to someone about getting a custom-made jumpsuit, because it does not look good for him,” Cohen added.

Well, if someone who hates Trump went on MSNBC to say that Trump is going to be in prison over his taxes, it must be true. I mean, it’s not like we’ve heard such pronouncements before from the liberal network.

Regardless, shouldn’t the first sentence there be disqualifying for a supposed news program, something Katy Tur’s tabloid-esque show ostensibly is? If you don’t know what’s in the tax returns, then how exactly can one opine on the idea that they will lead to Trump needing a “custom-made jumpsuit?” Further, how many people go to prison over a mislabeled deduction? That seems to be the extent of what Cohen is alleging here. The normal course would be to provide restitution. Yet, we are dealing with highly-political prosecutors here, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they go full Leroy Jenkins on the matter.

It wasn’t just Cohen, though. CNN is also reliving the glory days.

They can’t quit him. It’s so obvious and sad. Everything about these networks’ identity is wrapped up in Trump, what Trump says, what will happen to Trump, etc. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe such a disposition by supposed news outlets. They are like that 22-year-old college drop-out that just can’t let go of their high school glory days, desperately searching for another fix of what no longer really exists. Trump is not president anymore. Some guy named Joe Biden is, and he’s doing a terrible job. Perhaps focusing on that would be prudent?

I’ll go ahead and make a not so bold prediction. Just like Robert Mueller and the SDNY, this witch hunt will also lead nowhere. Trump will claim vindication and end up stronger in the end. His enemies are just too daft to recognize everything they are doing is counter-productive to their stated goal.

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