Tucker Carlson Interviews Ron DeSantis, Andrew Cuomo Hardest Hit

Tucker Carlson Interviews Ron DeSantis, Andrew Cuomo Hardest Hit
(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo finally did another press conference. After previously receiving an Emmy (no, that’s not hyperbole, he really got an Emmy) for his rhetorical performances, he had forgone them following an avalanche of bad media coverage involving his handling of nursing homes during COVID.

Though right-wing media had been reporting since last summer that Cuomo covered up nursing home deaths after making an executive order to send positive patients back into long-term care facilities, the liberal media have finally caught up to the story as well, now that Trump is safely out of office. Prior, they needed their anti-Trump foil, but Cuomo is no longer useful to them.

Last night, Ron DeSantis went on Tucker Carlson’s show and the topic was discussed. By the end of the interview, the contrast could not be clearer.

As DeSantis explains, Florida handled things completely differently than New York. An order was given to forbid positive patients from being put back into nursing homes. Further, they quickly created COVID-positive-only nursing home units so that those who were sick would be treated together without risking infecting others. Those moves, despite Florida being the oldest state in the union by far (i.e. they had a far more vulnerable population than New York), led to far fewer deaths overall than Cuomo’s state.

Meanwhile, as Tucker shows in the clip above, Cuomo continues to just be a sociopath. He can’t admit that he screwed up and has now turned to calling his very real scandal a political conspiracy theory. Imagine how that makes the loved ones of people who died feel? If there was ever a governor in this country that needs to be soundly rejected…

DeSantis would also point out how New Yorkers are fleeing their state to come to his because of Florida’s booming economy coupled with much lower deaths and hospitalizations.

Here’s the thing about DeSantis. It’s not just that he’s good rhetorically and roasts the media as effectively as anyone. It’s also that he gets results. He makes good decisions, and he leads in a very disciplined fashion that forgoes political concerns for actually taking care of the residents of his state. That’s what makes him such a unique possible candidate in 2024. He’s not some do-nothing Senator or a Jeb Bush clone. While Larry Hogan is still too afraid to open schools, DeSantis told the teachers’ unions to jump in a lake half a year ago.

That’s leadership, and more Republicans should try it.


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