The Andrew Cuomo Scandal Exposes the Clowns

As RedState covered this morning, Andrew Cuomo’s chickens have finally come home to roost. You can go all the way back to last summer and find our coverage of Cuomo covering up a massive number of nursing home deaths, but the mainstream press have finally picked up on it after one of his aides admitted they were attempting to spurn a Trump DOJ investigation into the matter.


Of course, to pretend Cuomo was alone in perpetrating this farce on the American people would be to ignore a lot of bad actors who pushed the myth that New York was actually doing a good job despite having the highest death totals in the country.

Remember this beauty from Dr. Anthony Fauci?

That wasn’t in March, where one could at least claim ignorance of the situation. That was in July. By then, the data was already readily available that New York had 1) done the worst job in the country handling the virus and 2) that they had covered up nursing home deaths to avoid political blowback. Yet, Fauci actually went on television and claimed that New York was a model for fighting the virus. Do we need any more evidence that he has no idea what he’s talking about? Despite his myriad of failings, he was elevated in the Biden administration because he positioned himself as sufficiently anti-Trump the last few months before the election. In short, Fauci is the poster-child for manipulative, hack bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, we were subjected to months upon months of glowing media coverage surrounding New York’s handling of the coronavirus. Cuomo was even given an Emmy because everything is stupid.


Of course, to expect the media to finally wake up would be asking way, way too much. CNN is “covering” the story this morning, but it’s in as minimalistic of a fashion as possible. In fact, they spent far more time on Jill Biden’s cardboard cut-outs for Valentine’s Day because drooling coverage of a First Lady is allowed again.

Out of curiosity, I checked Jake Tapper’s timeline this morning to see if he had tweeted on this. While he did retweet the Post’s original reporting, the only thing he’s managed to actually type out and opine on as of this writing is about Trump and Nikki Haley. That seems rather weird given his penchant for long, ranting threads anytime he can attack a Republican.


Andrew Cuomo is the villain here, but he’s surrounded by clowns who propped him up and kept the lies about his handling of the virus going. The news media weren’t duped. They were willing participants in this cover-up, and they deserve just as much scorn.



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