Joe Biden Forgets What Joe Biden Said Again

Joe Biden Forgets What Joe Biden Said Again
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This is hardly surprising given who we are dealing with here, but it’s concerning nonetheless for a variety of reasons.

One of the most contentious areas of Joe Biden’s presidency is whether he has any ability to keep China’s aggression, both economic and military, in check. The president’s history doesn’t instill confidence as he’s continually been an apologist for the communist regime, downplaying their threat and even claiming their rise would be a good thing for the world.

In fact, during the last presidential campaign, Biden took a shot at Trump again by mocking the economic threat China poses. Today, he changed his tune suddenly, and what makes this so remarkable is that his flip-flop involved the exact same language.

You’d think he would have remembered that he had already used the “eat our lunch” phrase previously to bash Trump. Now, he’s using it to point out that China is indeed going to eat our lunch if we don’t do something.

In a way, this is yet another admission that Trump was right. Just like on vaccinations, the Biden administration has basically realized that following the path laid out by the former president is the right move. They’ll never admit that, and they’ll dress it up in a lot of dishonest misdirection, but in the end, this is Trump’s legacy that we are seeing continue to play out everyday.

On China, Biden has delayed any major changes in policy, hiding behind the idea that he’s simply taking his time to get a good plan together. Today, Jen Psaki confirmed that by saying they are in no hurry. Given he should have already had a plan before even taking office, it’s quite obvious he just doesn’t want to admit that the current oppositional posture toward China is actually good.

Of course, expecting that to continue is probably naive. Eventually, Biden is going to do what he always does, which is bend the knee to the CCP. When push comes to shove, the Chinese are way too engrained in our governance and our news media to just stay quiet. When noise starts getting made, things will shift. That’s one of the prices the country is going to pay for electing Biden in the first place.


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