Joe Biden Targets Ron DeSantis, but It Will Only Make Him Stronger

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

The irrational hysteria surrounding Florida continues on the left, and Joe Biden’s administration is no exception. While they’ve praised Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous handling of New York during COVID, Ron DeSantis has borne their ire despite doing far better by every objective measure.


Now, in a move that is likely illegal, the Biden administration is considering barring domestic travel, specifically targeting Florida.

To be fair, no decision has been made yet, though the fact that this is even being considered is ludicrous on its face. If Biden is wanting to stop domestic travel in order to slow the spread of COVID and any possible new variants, he should be looking at the current epicenters like California, not a state that’s seen a 50% reduction in cases the last few weeks. Florida has done an excellent job balancing health concerns with economic concerns over the last year. There is no science behind the idea that represent some unique danger in the country. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Regardless, the unconstitutionality of this possible move can’t be ignored. Since when does the federal government have the power to stop domestic travel between states? No doubt this would be attempted under the emergency powers, but it still would likely not survive a court challenge, nor should it. If a president can literally tell you that you can’t travel to another state, there’s essentially no limit to the power of the executive branch. Without diving too deeply into the issue, it seems blatantly illegal on its face to me.  It would also be a blatantly partisan move by a deeply senile president who probably can’t even tell you what order he’d be signing if it crossed his desk.


Lastly, on political grounds, this is a really stupid move as well. DeSantis would not just sit by and let this happen. He’d go to battle, and it would only make him stronger. If the left’s goal is to stop DeSantis before he gains steam for a 2024 run, this is the opposite of what they should be doing. Of course, I’m all for them screwing this up and catapulting an excellent governor into the spotlight. I sincerely hope they overstep here and pay the price.



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