Jill Biden Takes the Mask Cult to Another Level

Jill Biden, who I’m assured must be addressed as a doctor despite not being a doctor, put out an ad yesterday in which she decided to take the mask cult to another level.


Apparently, you need to wear a mask while outside walking your dog. Why? Well, there’s no real reason why. Just do it, you peons.

I’m not sure Joe Biden’s dogs agreeing is much of an endorsement of anything. I mean, my dog licks the remnants of his junk and rolls around in the mud for fun. Dogs are great, but I’m not looking to take advice on masking from them, though, to be fair, they may have more expertise than “Dr.” Jill Biden does on the topic.

Seriously, this is about as idiotic as it gets, and it points to a bigger problem. No, you do not need to wear a mask while walking your dog outside. While there is already essentially no spread outdoors of the virus, there’s certainly no spread from you walking by someone on a sidewalk. Surface spread has also been shown to just not be much of a thing. In other words, one of the most pointless things you can do is strap a face diaper on while enjoying the weather with your dog.

Regardless, what this is really about is that the Biden administration simply doesn’t have any real answers. They are vaccinating using Trump’s plan and it’s working, but they’ve got no original ideas of their own. Biden didn’t “crush the virus” upon taking office as he said he would. Instead, we’ve seen spread continue at levels higher than before the election. And while Biden himself probably doesn’t know what day it is, the staff around him are smart enough to see the data and know that masks simply don’t work anyway.


But it’s easier to push the religion of mask-wearing when you have no real solutions to give to people. It’s just vague enough of a suggestion to never lead to any accountability. If the spread continues, they’ll just claim not enough people were wearing masks. The answer is always more masks, no matter what. Today, Biden’s Chief of Staff was out there talking about 100 days of mask-wearing, as if we haven’t been mostly living under mandates for almost a year. These people are clueless, and this administration has become an absolute trainwreck before it’s barely left the station.

Given that, all that it’s got left is to tell you to wear a mask, even in the most nonsensical situations.



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