The Washington Post's Fact-Checker Makes an Absolute Fool of Himself

The Washington Post's Fact-Checker Makes an Absolute Fool of Himself
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This is so bad that I could probably present the quotes in this article without comment. The Washington Post’s top “fact-checker” decided to get into a back and forth with Stephen Miller (the other one) today. It did not go well for the former.

The topic of conversation was the fact that the Post is being very selective in what they even bother fact-checking when it comes to Biden, specifically on his pledge to not ban fracking during the campaign. Glenn Kessler chimes in to let it be known that they only fact-check “policy” and not general statements. That’s a standard I’m sure Donald Trump, who had his every utterance on Twitter lambasted, would be interested to know exists.

Let’s start with what Kessler said originally.

Kessler also announced they won’t be keeping track of Biden’s lies the way they kept track of Trump’s “lies.”

Miller chimed in to point out the ridiculousness of all this. Kessler’s response is just amazing.

There’s just one problem. That headline is an actual quote from Joe Biden that he gave during the campaign. He unequivocally said he would not ban fracking, period. There is no wiggle room there to say that he just meant private lands but that he always said he’d ban it on federal lands. He said “period” and should be held to his word. Kessler has no interest in that, though.

RedState’s Joe Cunningham spells it out succinctly.

Miller hit Kessler again because why not?

None of this unexpected. Kessler has been a hack for as long as he’s been on the job. His publication is one of the most biased, dumpster fire news outlets in the business. Even still, it’s a bit jarring to see them be so upfront with their bias. You’d think Kessler would at least give a better excuse for why he’s not going to fact-check an obvious lie by Biden and Kamala Harris. Instead, he just pointedly proclaims they aren’t going to bother because Biden is like Obama or something. Seriously, in another interview, that was Kessler’s reasoning.

Laughably, even Kessler’s claim that they didn’t start keeping track of Trump’s “lies” until later in his presidency is false.

Hacks gonna hack, I suppose. The media made absolute fools of themselves during the Trump years. They appear intent on making matters even worse.

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