With Biden Safely in Office, the Media Suddenly Decide to Tell the Truth About Trump and the CDC

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden has been inaugurated, and that means it’s time for our stalwart media complex to start revising history in order to cover their own tails. We’ve already seen Politico do some actual reporting in the last few days. Now, Reuters is getting in on the act as well, though this example is far more consequential, or at least it would have been had the media not covered it up and lied about it while Trump was still in office.


You’ll probably remember the narrative that Trump was somehow solely responsible for every screw-up by the scientists at the CDC. They muffed the initial coronavirus testing, for example, but bureaucrats are never held accountable for anything so it was spun as somehow Trump’s fault. That included the claim that he was “meddling” in the agency. There was never any actual evidence of that, nor would it make sense anyway. Why would a bureaucracy that is staffed with 90+% left-leaning careerists go along with Trump trying to do anything, much less him “meddling” in their work?

But the picture the media tried to paint was Trump stalking the halls of the CDC, telling the much lauded and completely infallible scientists to purposely screw things up. Those assertions and insinuations were made continually on cable news and within the pages of our many liberal rags. Yet, only now is the truth allowed to come out. Does anyone really believe Reuters wasn’t aware that the story of Trump meddling was nonsense months ago? That they only just came upon this revelation days after Biden was inaugurated?


Nah, we know exactly what happened here. Everything was thrown at the bad orange man, including lying about the CDC’s culpability in handling the pandemic to defeat him. But now that Trump is gone, it’s safe to come out and try to massage things. That massaging will allow Reuters (and other outlets) to claim they just reported the facts all along. Anyone paying attention knows better, though.

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