Buyer's Remorse Sets in Over Joe Biden, But It's Much too Late for the Crying

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Elections have consequences. That’s not a new adage, but it’s certainly one that’s extremely relevant right now. Joe Biden has been in office for all of four days, and he’s already destroyed tens of thousands of jobs while putting hundreds of thousands of other jobs in jeopardy. His moves in the energy sector alone promise to kill industry and raise the cost of living for everyone. He even managed to destroy women’s sports in between his moves to blow up our immigration enforcement. The myth of Biden being a moderate took all of a few days to get blown to bits.


With the reality of a Biden presidency setting in much quicker than most expected, we are starting to see our first signs of buyers remorse, and it’s coming from some corners you might not expect. Here are a few examples.

I’m gonna blow some minds here, but I have a suggestion. If you don’t want your jobs destroyed, maybe don’t vote for the guy who is openly saying he’s going to destroy your jobs? Just a thought. New Mexico voted overwhelmingly for Biden despite many of his policies being known to threaten the state’s economy. Those voters now have to own the results of that. No one made them value beltway sensibilities over their own well-being, but politics is a shallow games.


Meanwhile, Democrats have never been shy about their disdain for the Keystone XL pipeline. Yet, the unions that were set to make billions off the construction of the project endorsed Biden anyway. If you were to ask their leadership why they made that endorsement, they probably couldn’t even tell you. They are a union and unions just endorse Democrats (at least the vast majority of the time). It apparently never crossed their minds to prioritize their own employment and families over the status quo, but here we are.

Meghan McCain also seems to be less than happy with Biden’s start.

If you read the above article, what you’ll see is that Meghan is really upset that Biden would have a “rules for thee but not for me” attitude about COVID and masks. Honestly, I’m confused. Was she under the impression that the Bidens were anything but the quintessential Washington family that believes themselves to be above the little people?

Biden told you who he was. He told you what he was going to do. Some of us tried to warn that no amount of dislike for Trump’s personality would be worth the cost of a Biden presidency. Now, we get to put that theory to the test, and I’m feeling really good about my position after the last four days.


There’s a lesson here, though I doubt it’ll be heeded. If you don’t want your jobs erased and elitist hypocrisy to take center stage, then stop voting for people that promise to deliver that. Stop letting your political choices be solely dictated by the most shallow aspects of personality politics. Value policy and outcomes over faux decorum and the cocktail circuit’s desires.

Unfortunately, we have to wait another four years to  attempt to change course. Biden is president now and it’s much too late for the crying.

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