Jake Tapper Suddenly Forgets Who's President, and the Timing Is Just Precious

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What a coincidence, right?

CNN’s Jake Tapper is a special kind of hack. He’s somehow managed to lure half the conservative commentariat into thinking he’s better than most liberal journalists, with some desperately seeking his approval in ways that just make you shake your head.


Ben Shapiro, for example, often criticizes Tapper but still feels the need to qualify it with “I like Jake,” as if he’s going after a sacred figure. Conservative Twitter accounts like the Reagan Battalion also play this game, usually couching their criticism with “we like Jake” just to make sure the blow lands softly. The desire to keep this man’s approval is just cringeworthy.

Meanwhile, Tapper continues to be the partisan player he’s always been. The latest example comes via the scandal involving the National Guard at the Capitol. After Biden was sworn in, they were removed from their posts and forced to sleep in a parking garage (and it’s really cold in D.C. right now). A week ago, Tapper would have been railing against President Trump for mobilizing the troops for a photo op and then abandoning them when they were no longer useful. Instead, we get this nonsense.

You see, it wasn’t Trump at fault this time. He’s no longer in office. Rather, it was Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who urged the deployment of 25,000 troops to the Capitol area, a deployment that was completely unneeded and pointless. Yet, the moment Biden’s photo op is over, those troops get cast aside and forced to sleep in the cold. Instead of holding those in leadership accountable for such a stupid, careless, and obviously politically motivated move, Tapper suddenly forgets who the current president is. How very, very convenient, right?


It goes without saying, though I’ll do so anyway, that if this had happened on Trump’s watch, CNN and Tapper would be going nuts insisting he doesn’t care about the troops. By contrast, Joe Biden hasn’t even been asked a question about why this happened. Not a single one. It’s good to be a Democrat.

This is the kind of media malfeasance we can expect in the next four years. People like Tapper do not deserve respect as journalists. They deserve scorn for so misappropriating the title and lying about their true beliefs and intentions. Tapper loves to play defender of the troops (did you know he wrote a book?!) until he might have to criticize a Democrat. Then, sanitized language like “whoever is in charge” makes an appearance. The timing of his memory lapse is just precious.

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