In a Completely Unexpected Development, Biden Admits His Biggest Campaign Promise Was a Lie

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Breaking News: Joe Biden is a liar.

That’s a fact that’s been common knowledge for the majority of his career. Sure, he lies in a way that is acceptable to the beltway cocktail circuit, but he lies nonetheless. His lies are also far more consequential than most, usually dealing directly with major policy concerns.


Case in point? Biden is already admitting that his biggest campaign promise was a complete scam. Remember when he claimed he was going to “shut down the virus” if elected? Yeah, about that.

Here are some shot and chasers to illustrate just how big of a betrayal of his word this is.

So why is this guy President exactly? The entire pitch of his campaign was competency and a change in strategy fighting the coronavirus. He claimed he had a “plan” that would immediately shift the trajectory of the pandemic, saving thousands of lives. He constantly attacked Trump, insinuating that the former president was holding back from doing basic things that were readily available to do. He was going to “shut down” the virus.


But now that Biden has taken office, he is shrugging and saying there’s nothing he can do. It’s absolutely amazing, and infuriating to witness. What’s even dumber is that Biden is, at the same time, claiming that his “100 day challenge” to wear masks will somehow save 50,000 lives. So can we change the trajectory of the virus or not? Make up your mind.

Or course, the idea that wearing masks will save 50,000 lives is non-scientific garbage, propagated in the name of unidentified “experts” to make our government overlords feel like they are doing something. The correlation just isn’t there, as mask wearing has gone hand in hand with greatly increased spread in many countries. Biden knows that, which is probably why he’s making this latest admission. He’s trying to get out in front of what reality is about to bring. He knows he lied, and it’s easier to try to brush it aside and pretend he was preaching doom all along.


Will any mainstream media outlet hold Biden accountable for this? Will Jake Tapper head to Twitter and drop some snark? I’m gonna guess no. The bashing of Trump was never actually about the virus. It was always just partisan politics to attack the bad orange man.

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