Fox News Slams Media Fawning Over Biden, but They Forgot a Big Example

Fox News Slams Media Fawning Over Biden, but They Forgot a Big Example
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Fox News is desperately trying to make a shift following the Trump years. This comes in an effort to reacquire lost viewers who tuned out after several high-profile examples of what GOP voters felt was anti-Trump bias. The extremely early, stubborn call of Arizona while even CNN held off was one of the final straws for many. Now, Chris Stirewalt and his ‘Decision Desk HQ’ crew are unemployed. Meanwhile, the evening line-up is seeing a shift, as well, with Martha McCallum losing her time-slot and being moved to the early afternoon.

There’s still a big elephant in the room, though. This morning, Fox and Friends attempted to slam the fawning media coverage of Joe Biden’s inauguration in a montage showing figures like Chuck Todd basically salivating at the festivities. Yet, there was one big example not included.

Chris Wallace is no better than Chuck Todd. He’s certainly no better than Jake Tapper or anyone at CNN, and to be sure, that’s a very low bar that Wallace isn’t passing up. Biden’s speech was boilerplate, accusatory toward anyone who doesn’t agree with him (the white supremacy trope made an appearance), and delivered in his typical half-alive tone. I realize that gets the motor going for some conservative pundits who are desperate to seem unifying right now, but even Wallace shouldn’t be gaslighting that it was the best inauguration speech he’s ever heard. That takes a special level of bias to claim.

I suppose there was some thought that Wallace’s attitude was simply about Donald Trump. Perhaps once Trump was off the national stage, Wallace would return to at least attempting some impartiality. Instead, he’s diving headlong into the arms of the Biden administration, and he’s doing so as the chief anchor for a news channel that is supposed to be at least making an attempt at fairness toward the right. I’m not sure how sustainable that is, regardless of what you think about Wallace as a journalist. In the end, the news industry is a business. Continuing to insult your primary viewership is bad business.

Regardless, Fox News shouldn’t be calling out others without being willing to call out those under their own roof. Wallace represents exactly the kind of fawning, partisan figure that Steve Doocy was attempting to criticize. Maybe include Wallace next time, though I’m sure there are prohibitions against attacking colleagues. Wallace, of course, has never honored those rules himself, routinely snarking and going after others who work at his own network. I’d say returning the favor wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It’d certainly be more honest.

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