Big Tech Expose Themselves With Crackdown on Antifa Accounts


Antifa are bad again, you guys. That’s the message being sent by the big tech companies tonight. After years of ignoring the threat and allowing these domestic terrorists to operate freely, Twitter has started banning prominent Antifa accounts, including the account for a bookstore that operates as a training center for the group.


What changed? I bet you know exactly what changed.

Joe Biden is a miracle worker. All he had to do was take office, thereby setting up a situation where Antifa was embarrassing for the wrong side, and poof, they are cancelled. Of course, they’ve been running wild for years, burning cities, setting up “autonomous zones,” committing violent attacks, and generally acting like fascistic freaks. The left and their big tech allies could not have cared less. Why? Because they saw Antifa as a way to make Trump look bad. They were attacking the “right” target, and that made them acceptable for the time being. Trump is gone now, though, and Antifa attacking Biden is a bridge too far. Therefore, they must be cast aside finally.

In a vacuum, that’s not a bad thing, but man is the timing absolutely disgusting. The media and big tech sad idly by, watching as businesses were destroyed and people were killed, because they thought letting such carnage happen was a way to hurt the bad orange man. There’s being cynical, and then there’s whatever the heck that’s called.

No one on the left, in the mainstream media, or in Silicon Valley (but I repeat myself) actually cares one iota about everyone that’s been hurt by Antifa. If they did, they would have made this move during the first year of the Trump administration while the chaos in Portland was in its infancy. The only thing that’s changed is the fact that the scapegoat has left office. Big tech, in league with the Democrat Party, are now scrambling to insulate the ‘Big Guy’ from any possible blow back. After all, Antifa are a left-wing organization, and people might actually start asking questions with Trump no longer there to take the blame.


Chuck Grassley is correct as well. When is Biden going to denounce the violence from people who are on his side of the political spectrum? Trump was expected to denounce every rando who looked the wrong way. We should see that standard upheld here, though we know it won’t be.

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