If You Wanted Joe Biden, You Get Him, and You Don't Get to Complain

As I wrote a few days ago, the shift among some Never Trumpers is already happening (see Never Trumpers Decide They are Republicans Again, and the Timing is Impeccable). No, they aren’t suddenly Donald Trump fans, but they are having to come to terms with the fact that Joe Biden is indeed a liberal Democrat. Given that, his liberal Democrat-ness dictates he’s going to do a lot of damaging, idiotic things. Shocking, I know. Who could have foreseen such?


Another example of this popped up yesterday in the form of Biden’s immigration policies. Here’s David Frum, whose entire brand the last four years has revolved around the bad orange man, lamenting the fact that Biden is inviting a border surge.

RBe, a conservative Twitter user, gave the perfect response.

Elections have consequences. You can’t spend a year fluffing Biden as the only hope for the union and then act surprised when he does exactly what he said he would do. This is a guy who stood on a debate stage and raised his hand pledging universal healthcare to illegal immigrants. He’s already trying to roll out an amnesty bill and he hasn’t even taken office yet. That bill includes a path to citizenship with zero new enforcement mechanisms or resources. In a phrase, it’s exactly what you’d expect.

What Never Trump don’t get to do is suddenly become the convenient, minority opposition again now that there are no repercussions for doing so. The election is over. The time to fret about Biden’s immigration policies was before you voted for him. Frum could have abstained if he felt strongly, but he actively sought to place Biden in office. He and his Never Trump cohorts own that. You don’t get to actively promote a guy and then complain when he does the things he telegraphed he’d do. That’s not intellectual honesty. It’s a grift, shifting one’s position the moment the wind changes direction. Just because it’s now socially safe to push for Republican policies again doesn’t mean those who actively fought against them for four years get to do so.


None of this stops with immigration either.

In fact, Biden is already promising dozens of executive orders in his first few weeks that will effectively undo Trump’s presidency. I think Erielle Davidson captured my thoughts on the matter perfectly.

Never Trump should take comfort. They got what they wanted. They have their “decorum” (which is really just a return to the status quo of everyone stabbing each other in the back instead of the front), and they have their nice tweets. That and a few dollars will buy them a coke. Congratulations to them. Now, they get to own what comes, and no amount of narrative shifting will change that. Biden was who he is before November 3rd of last year. Never Trump voted for him anyway.

Meanwhile, the rest of the country gets to suffer the very real consequences of the next four years. Isn’t that how it always goes? The peons outside the beltway take the punishment so the elites can feel better about themselves.


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