Jake Tapper Mocks a Double Amputee, Then Doubles Down Because 'This is CNN'

Jake Tapper Mocks a Double Amputee, Then Doubles Down Because 'This is CNN'
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Jake Tapper jumped off the deep end of rabid partisanship quite a while ago. Still, it’s certainly interesting to see just how far he’s been willing to go to toe the Democrat line, partially the anti-Trump line that goes along with that. He’s become as obsessed with Trump as Brian Stelter is with Fox News. That’s evidenced by the fact that his social media has devolved into constant cheap shots and weak virtue signaling attempts aimed at Republicans and the President.

It’s one thing to be a partisan hack as a journalist. There’s nothing especially shocking about that. But it’s another level of gross to be so invested in your partisanship that you do what Tapper did today. As you’ll see in the following clip, the CNN anchor decided it’d be a good idea to mock Brian Mast’s lost two legs, injuries he suffered in war, to take a cheap political jab.

As Mollie Hemingway said on Twitter in response to this: Yikes.

Perhaps Tapper was just too caught up in the moment that he didn’t realize what he was saying? He was quite literally diminishing a guy’s war injuries, injuries he received fighting for our country, by suggesting that he didn’t actually care about democracy after suffering said injuries. There are some things you just don’t use against someone. Amputated legs resulting from combat are one of those things. Just like a person in a wheel-chair, you treat them with respect and address their opinions directly, not their physical condition.

Of course, if anyone expected that Tapper would apologize and admit he went too far, that didn’t happen. Instead, he doubled down, once again attacking Mast in his typical sarcastic, childish tone.

Let me say it again: Yikes.

Tapper is welcome to go after Mast in anyway he likes. As the Congressman says, that’s his right. But as a supposed newsman, you’d think Tapper would hold himself to some kind of standard. Mast’s war wounds have jack to do with his opinions on the election. They shouldn’t even be part of the discussion. Yet, Tapper is such a petty, disgusting individual that he felt the need to inject that into the debate because he can’t otherwise explain why Mast isn’t allowed to use constitutional mechanisms.

I’d challenge Tapper to produce one single attack he levied against the multiple Democrats in early 2017 who objected the electoral certification of Donald Trump’s election win. He won’t produce one because he can’t. Now, he wants to feign outrage all the sudden, which again he can do, but he should leave Mast’s service and sacrifice out of it.

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