What Andrew Cuomo Is Doing Right Now in New York Is Shocking, and It's Deadly

Mike Groll/Office of Governor of Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo already holds the award for the country’s worst governor during the pandemic, with perhaps New Jersey’s Phil Murphy matching him. Cuomo made numerous decision during the early months of the pandemic, including ordering sick patients back into nursing homes, that led to the largest state death toll by far. Right now, over 35,000 New York residents have died of the coronavirus, a staggering number considering states like Florida have managed to hold their total to just half that.


But what makes Cuomo especially nefarious is that he’s managed to be such a disaster while continuously being given credit for doing everything right. From the media to Dr. Fauci, Cuomo has received near universal praise from the smart set despite more than enough evidence that his lock down strategies simply don’t work and that he exacerbated the pandemic with his decision making.

Now, with a vaccine finally in distribution, Cuomo has found another thing to screw up, and despite how bad he’s been in the past, these latest developments are still genuinely shocking.


Cuomo is once again sentencing older residents to die with completely nonsensical orders. This time, he’s refusing to give clearance to New York City to begin vaccinating those 75 and older, an age group that represents almost all the deaths related to COVID. All of this is coming at his whim after he failed to follow through on the original vaccine distribution plan. A lot of people are going to die so Cuomo could stroke his ego and proclaim he’s a great leader. It’s infuriating.

Meanwhile, states like Texas are blowing away New York (and California for that matter) in distributing the vaccine despite having more people to handle that are also much more spread out geographically. What’s that say about Cuomo’s leadership except that he’s an incompetent sociopath?

But you would not know any of this is happening if you just watched the mainstream media. They continue to focus on success stories like Gov. Ron DeSantis instead because it fits their political wants to try to destroy a competent Republican. In contrast, Cuomo is given awards while CNN fluffs his book for him. There’s something almost diabolical about the entire situation.

As I’ve shared many times, vaccine distribution should have never been complicated. There was no reason to vaccinate healthy 25 year old nurses or 45 year old doctors. There was also no reason to vaccinate a bunch of younger politicians so they could brag on Instagram. To prevent the most deaths in the shortest period of time, all that had to be done was prioritizing the quick distribution of the vaccine to those 75 and older.


Unfortunately, many politicians in charge of distribution are morons. Cuomo falls in that category. That he could even be considered a success at this point belays the very definition of the word. When the history of COVID is written by someone with intellectual honesty on their side, he will be a villain.

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