Social Media Show They Are Garbage After Jon Ossoff Accuses Kelly Loeffler of 'Campaigning With a Klansman'

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Remember when Twitter and the rest of social media completely shut down the Hunter Biden laptop revelations, not only refusing to allow the sharing of the story (or in Facebook’s case, throttling it), but banning The New York Post for even daring to threaten Joe Biden’s campaign? I remember because I’m more than three months old.

We’ve also seen labels placed on all manner of other claims that are seen as pro-Republican politically, including those by Donald Trump. The President can literally say anything related to the election and Twitter will slap a “this is disputed” warning on it that can’t be removed.

Yet, we never see those same labels placed on Democrat posts that are obviously false and, as if they want to purposely rub it in your face, Twitter is now refusing to flag Jon Ossoff’s lie that Kelly Loeffler is “campaigning with a Klansman.”

Twitter will not flag a tweet from Democratic Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff falsely accusing Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler of campaigning with “a klansman,” a Twitter spokesman told the Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.

Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy told the DCNF that the tweet does not fit under any of Twitter’s three policies for misleading information: “synthetic and manipulated media, COVID-19, and Civic Integrity.”

Kennedy said he did not even have Twitter teams review the Ossoff tweet due to the busyness of the holiday season. He explained to the DCNF that though the civic integrity category deals with elections, “making a claim about someone happens in political speech all the time.”

The only standard is a complete lack of standards.

Notice how Twitter’s rules morph and change constantly to fit their preferred outcome. If a Republican had made such a baselessly false claim about a Democrat, it would have gotten reviewed and flagged within a matter of minutes. But now, Twitter claims they didn’t even have time to look at this one, and that even if they had, it wouldn’t have violated any rules. Of course, blatantly lying about one’s election opponent by accusing them of campaigning with a member of the KKK clearly violated the “civic integrity” standard, but that standard was apparently written to only ever apply to Republicans. More specifically, it was tailored to only apply to Trump and claims about voter fraud.

Regardless, the Hunter Biden story was clearly just “making a claim about someone” if that’s the standard, except in that case, said claim was 100% true. Yet Twitter ripped it down with a vengeance for purely political reasons. In this case, Ossoff just makes something ridiculous up (no, Loeffler has not campaigned with a Klansman) and Twitter shrugs that they aren’t the arbiter of truth.

These liberal social media companies have far too much power to quell speech in this country. And while I realize conservatives use them to spread their message as best they can, it doesn’t make the actions of Twitter and others anymore defendable, nor are they excused simply because they are private companies. You are no less a conservative just because you recognize gross bias when you see it and are willing to call it out. That doesn’t mean the government has to get involved, but it does mean admitting the reality of the situation. Twitter, Facebook, etc. are simply never going to give the right a level playing field. They will write their rules to fit their political needs and ignore them when it’s convenient. Further, they are growing far more brazen in doing so. This Jon Ossoff idiocy is just the latest example.

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