The Ghouls Come Out to Play After Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow's Death

Yesterday evening it was reported that Louisiana Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow died of the coronavirus. RedState covered the initial news here. Letlow was only 41 years old and had no pre-existing conditions, making his death from COVID an extraordinarily rare event.


Of course, levity about the situation is simply not possible for the left. They latch only ever COVID death involving a Republican figure to push their narrative about lock downs and masks. Given that, it didn’t take long for the ghouls to come out and play.

You’ll be less than shocked to find these two leading the pack.

Both of them chose to quote a post in which Letlow did not trash mitigation, but simply said that continuing to lock down the economy puts the country in danger. That’s undoubtedly true. Yet, Jong-Fast and Rupar purposely used it to try to dunk on a guy who just died.

Rupar also happens to be the same dishonest hack who celebrated massive celebrations in front of the White House after Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election.

There were plenty of other examples though. Here are a few more.


He wasn’t wearing a mask they screech while ignoring that masks are clearly not providing much of any mitigation from the virus at all. In fact, infections have exploded after the institution of widespread mask mandates, possibly by coincidence or possibly because they turn into disgusting petri dishes when you ask people to wear them constantly.

By the way, that hashtag ended up trending.

As RedState shared recently, California actually has the largest outbreak in the country right now despite having the strictest lock downs and mask mandates. Those assuming that Letlow would have been spared via a mask are asserting facts not in evidence. It’s an emotional argument made by people who want to think they can control a virus they clearly can’t control.


Besides, Letlow’s death does not prove that the economy shouldn’t be open.

If lock downs and masks were actually showing empirical evidence that they worked, perhaps one could make the case that Letlow’s position was somehow the cause of his death. But that empirical evidence doesn’t work. In fact, all we have is evidence to the contrary, i.e. that lock downs and masks are doing essentially nothing (or perhaps making things worse) when it comes to quelling the spread of coronavirus.

Using this man’s death to beat a chosen COVID narrative is just gross. It’s not surprising that so many on the left are rushing to do just that, though.

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