Stacey Abrams' Sister is Apparently a Federal Judge, and She Just Made a Garbage Decision

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Did you know Stacey Abrams’ sister is a federal judge? Yeah, me either, though I’m not sure why anyone should be expected to know that. Unfortunately, said judge has made themselves newsworthy, and as per our usual arrangement, it’s not for anything good.


Judge Abrams Gardner ruled that change of address submissions to the post office don’t qualify to purge roles for change of address. It’s hard to put into words how little sense that makes. How else would anyone ever confirm if a person switches residences if it’s not via the USPS system showing they moved? Yet, this judge decided that the only real way to prove change residency doesn’t qualify to make that determination. It leaves county officials with nowhere to go. What are they supposed to do? Personally investigate everyone who shows a change of address to double check? We are talking thousands of people in that case.

Ari Fleischer chimed in to point out just how ridiculous this is.

He’s right. Rules have no meaning. The rules in Pennsylvania about mail in voting via their own constitution didn’t matter. The rules about change of address in Georgia don’t matter. All you need is a liberal judge willing to wave their magic ruling wand. Abrams Gardner shouldn’t even be on this case. Her sister runs a voter registration organization. It’s a big conflict of interest that Abrams Gardner would even rule on such a matter given it directly affects the mission of her sister, Stacey Abrams.


I’d say I’m surprised by this, but it’s par for the course when it comes to Democrat groups and their allies in Georgia. We all saw what happened around Atlanta in the weeks following the election. You can expect the same things to happen again, with late dumps, and blue counties claiming they can’t count votes on time. That’s become the norm the last several elections. Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams gets to go around screaming voter suppression while her sister helps fulfill her mission. It’s a bad scene all the way around.

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