Our Government is Full of Egomaniacs, and Fox News is Playing Along

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

Dr. Anthony Fauci got his coronavirus vaccine on live TV today. Never one to turn down a television appearance, he exposed his slender arm, received his shot, mumbled that he has no questions or concerns, and then, as if he had just instituted world peace, gave two thumbs up for the camera. And with that, yet another government official got their vaccine before the little people are privy to it.


Here’s the video.

To be fair, Fauci is hardly alone in propagating this kind of self-aggrandizement. VP Mike Pence, Marco Rubio, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and a myriad of other politicians also decided to receive their vaccine for the cameras. Pretty soon, we’ll see a barrage of former presidents do it as well.

We are assured that Fauci and others doing this is absolutely vital. You see, the government and the media believe people are just too stupid to take the vaccine. That is, unless they see a 79 year old man who’s been wrong about almost everything regarding the pandemic do it first. Only then can the average peon be enlightened to the idea that the vaccine is safe. Fauci getting that shot for the network broadcasts was as effectual as God’s voice rumbling from the heavens. And Fox News played right along. It was an “important television moment” as Fauci sent a message to “all of America” that the vaccine was safe. What a stunning and brave moment in history.


Of course, in reality, no one actually cares about some government official getting the vaccine, nor is anyone basing their decision to take a vaccine on such an event. Do you know a single person that wasn’t going to take the vaccine but now will do so because they say Fauci or Ocasio-Cortez get stuck in the arm? No, this is all just theater to feed the massive egos of those who call our government monstrosity home. In their eyes, they are saving the world. In our eyes, they just look like privileged leeches continuing their pattern of getting preferential treatment.

The media are no better. They promote this kind of stuff, hailing its supposed historic nature because they also possess the same over-inflated sense of their own role in the lives of Americans. Live streaming Fauci getting the vaccine is important because it makes them feel important, not because it’s going to have any practical effect. In their minds, they are showing the little people what they need to see so they don’t make bad decisions. But what if the little people aren’t as dumb as they think?


What really matters here, though, is that Fauci found another camera to preen for. That’s become his specialty over the last year, as his actual advisement on the virus has often been found to be severely lacking or outright wrong. It just goes to show you that there is no anal of government that is free from the pursuit of fame and power. All the way down to formerly unknown bureaucrats like Fauci, they all want the same thing.

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