Kevin McCarthy: The FBI Briefed Me on Swalwell's Chinese Spy Problem, and It's Not Good

Yesterday, I covered a story put out by The Federalist (and later confirmed by The Daily Wire) that some members of Congress had been briefed on Eric Swalwell and his relationship with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang. Part of that report was that it was confirmed by the FBI that Swalwell did have a sexual relationship with Fang. That’s been suspected from the beginning given Fang’s typical tactics and the fact that Swalwell refused to deny the claim.


Well, it looks like we’ve just gotten confirmation the FBI did indeed provide such a briefing. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has announced that he was indeed briefed and that nothing he heard was good.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that McCarthy wouldn’t say this publicly if all the FBI told him is that Fang had some innocent contacts with Swalwell’s campaign. No, this seems to further point to the idea that there was a deeper relationship between the two, including the sexual relationship asserted via sources yesterday.

Given that, what’s next? Does Nancy Pelosi really continue to defend Swalwell, or does she move to cut him loose sooner rather than later? This is only going to get worse. If Democrats think they can keep this under wraps, they are mistaken. The leaks have already started, and if Swalwell continues to lie to the public or obfuscate when answering questions, there will be more people who get fed up and start talking to the press. They won’t be talking to The New York Times, but things will get out.


America has no greater enemy than the Chinese right now. Having a Congressman who was obviously compromised by one of their spies is unacceptable. If Democrats cared one iota about the country, they’d be screaming bloody murder for Swalwell to resign right now. Remember, these are the same people who lost their minds over the Russian collusion hoax. Now, they can’t find their tongue when it comes to combating the most dangerous adversary we face on the world stage. There’s political cynicism and then there’s whatever the heck the Democrats are doing here.

Republicans can’t let this go. There needs to be an investigation in the Senate to put further pressure on. The FBI should also be sharing what they know with the public. This is not the kind of thing you keep hidden, though they’ll no doubt try.

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