Joe Biden’s Latest Speech Shows the Democrat Bait and Switch is a Scandal

It’s been a while since I’ve written on Joe Biden turning into a mental dumpster fire for the cameras. That’s partly because he’s been mostly in hiding (even more so than usual) since the election. There’s also been a lot of other news out there to cover. But rest assured, Biden’s mental acuity has not been the recipient of a miraculous change. He’s still as incapable and obviously senile as he was during the campaign.


Case in point, today Biden gave a speech in which he appeared to be a dead man walking: At one point he announces Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Services head, except he is so far gone that he couldn’t get either one of those points correct. RedState’s streiff covered that earlier today (see Joe Biden Shows that 47 Years in Washington Doesn’t Protect You From Dementia).

Here’s something that should be expected. If you are going to nominate someone to a position in government (and to be clear, this is all symbolic right now because the election isn’t over yet), you should at least know their name and how to say it. You should also know what department you are nominating them too. Biden is incapable of tackling either one of those monumental challenges.

All of this would leave any normal human being wondering whether Biden actually did make these picks. Did he have any real say? Or are his surrogates and Kamala Harris just running the show fully now? Given how out of it he’s appeared in his most recent media appearances, it’s not really a conspiracy theory to speculate Biden is simply a figurehead at this point. The Democrats wanted to defeat Trump. That was their only goal. Now, they may have just saddled the nation with a guy whose more prepared to eat pudding than making tough decisions.


Honestly, this is one of the worst bait and switches in political history. Democrat leaders knew this guy was a shell of his former self, and his former self was never impressive either. Yet, they pushed this guy to the forefront, rallying around him to make sure he won the primary. They hid his condition as best they could, denying it to this day even as it becomes clearer and clearer. Never once did they stop to ask how this might affect the nation. It’s all downright scandalous with you think about it.

Imagine how the media would have reacted if Republicans had tried this nonsense. They’d be accused of pushing a Manchurian candidate and lying to voters about their nominee’s condition. But because Biden has the right letter next to his name, they pretend all is well. Joe Biden is not well, and the media can only cover for him so long. It’s fairly obvious they can’t even really cover for him anymore because he’s that far gone. These clips keep coming at a nearly daily rate because things are truly that bad.

The man most likely to be sworn in this coming January pretty clearly has dementia, and our elitist betters are just shrugging as if it’s no big deal. That’s how much they value their own political wants over everything else. In a more just world, that would never be rewarded.


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