NBC News 'Journalist' Says Joe Biden Doesn't Lie 'As a Rule,' Gets Wrecked With Reminders

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

NBC News’ Kasie Hunt has never been much of one to hide her bias. Yet, there are times when a supposed journalist says something so ridiculous that it’s worthy of response. This was one of those times.


Hunt is now the Capitol Hill Correspondent and was apparently present when Joe Biden dodged a question on whether he had recently talked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. This was spun as some kind of proof that Biden simply refuses to lie. He’s basically George Washington, you see.

I love this. Refusing to answer a simple question is now a sign of honesty among our press corp. That’s how biased they were against Donald Trump and how biased for any Democrat they are. The rules exist on two different planets. Shouldn’t his dodging of the question actually be seen as a bad thing by a press that supposedly wants answers? I know, that’s almost rhetorical at this point because they clearly don’t actually seek answers from Democrats. Rather, they seek narratives that allow them to spin the news as they see fit.

Others joined in to correct Hunt’s assertion.

That’s true. Biden did literally have one of his earlier presidential campaigns end because he was caught lying in such an obvious way that people proved it was plagiarism. You could also go back to his lies involving the hearings of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Or, you know, his lies about Obamacare, Iran, Benghazi, Mitt Romney wanting to re-enslave black people, etc. The list is long over his 40+ years in office.


Hunt ended up being nominated for ‘The List’ (you have to be active on conservative Twitter to get it) as well.

But hey, get used to this. If Joe Biden takes office, it’s going to be a non-stop tongue bath. Even when he does something objectively negative, it’ll be spun as stately and proper. There is no limit to the shame with which our media operate under.

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