Chris Wallace Freaks About Masks Again, Data Need Not Apply

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It’s a Chris Wallace kind of a sleepy Sunday at RedState, but this clip is as much of a jumping off for something more important than it is just a story about Wallace’s hackery.


As I wrote earlier today, the Fox News Sunday host was already in mid-season form, interviewing John Brennan and allowing him to lie completely unchallenged (see John Brennan Lies About the Steele Dossier, Chris Wallace Nods Along). Nick Arama also shared another segment in which Wallace fretted because a guest didn’t address Joe Biden as “President-Elect” (see Chris Wallace Pushes Fox Further Over the Slide as He Rants Biden Is ‘President-Elect’ to Sec. Azar).

Regardless, here’s Wallace freaking out about masks again, continuing to bash President Trump over things he did in March and April.

If you watch the clip, Wallace is repeating the recent Biden talking point that masks make a significant difference in spread. This came after the former VP asserted that he’s going to demand 100 days of mask wearing if he takes office, as if we haven’t already been doing that for most of the year. There’s a problem with all of this though, namely that none of the data is showing masks are effective as the country enters its worst spread since the pandemic began (with the caveat being that death rates are way down compared to earlier in the year).


Take New York for example. We’ve been assured that Andrew Cuomo’s state is a beacon of light, showing the rest of the country how to handle the virus. Dr. Fauci made comments to that effect some months ago, saying they “did it right.” Guess who had more cases today than Florida despite being still heavily locked down and with a total mask mandate? Yes, that would be New York. Weird, right?

How, given the data we have now, can anyone remain so religiously devoted to mask wearing? As I’ve said in the past, if you want to wear a mask, that’s your choice. But there’s enough data world-wide at this point to show that they pretty much don’t do anything. Worse, they may make things worse given the fact that we are seeing the largest spikes ever despite being more masked up than ever. Lack of sanitation and proper usage is obviously a problem. Masks also discourage basic social distancing, which is really the only proven method of preventing spread.

In reality, the best thing any official could do is encourage people to go outside a lot, keep their distance from the most vulnerable, and live their lives. Doing that is difficult though because it requires a politician to admit they can’t fix everything. Just tell people to wear masks over and over and you suddenly don’t have to own the results of your policies. That’s why you get Wallace still pushing sketchy assertions about masks being a silver bullet when they clearly aren’t. He’s invested in a left-wing talking point that conveniently gets to ignore reality while providing cover for Democrat politicians.


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