Joe Biden's Latest Interview Shows He's a Political Coward With No Plan

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went on CNN last night (or it at least aired last night) for what was a total tongue bathing by figures like Jake Tapper. Biden, for his part, received one semi-tough question throughout the entire evening. That centered on his son Hunter and if he’d allow any conflicts of interests via business dealings. Biden said no and that was that. Isn’t it great that the media refused to ask that question prior to the election? Really gives you faith in their objectivity, right?


Regardless, Biden was also asked about the coronavirus. Here was his answer.

Is Joe Biden living on the same planet we all inhabit? Because mask mandates are in effect across the entirety of the country save for a few states, and even in those states, mask-wearing is largely mandated by localities. To assert, at this point, that masks are going to do anything “considerably” is just anti-science, faux religiosity. The spike we are currently in (and the rest of the world is currently in) happened during the most masked up point of the pandemic. The idea that masks aren’t being worn at a high rate is simply not born out by reality. Despite their prevalence, masks appear to be doing little to curb the spread.

Honestly, how much more evidence do we need at this point? How many spikes must be observed in societies that wear masks religiously before we admit they are largely ineffectual?

What we are witnessing from Biden is the failings of a political coward with no actual plan. You see, as a politician in this country, you only have to do two things to earn universal praise from our media betters in regards to COVID: One, you have to endorse mask-wearing like it’s a religious rite, and two, you have to be a Democrat. Do those two things and you are golden. It doesn’t matter how much science says your assertions aren’t right. It doesn’t matter how many spikes we observe while people are heavily wearing masks. Masks are the be-all-end-all because they make for easy cover. It’s the easiest thing in the world for a politician to make the unfalsifiable statement that “if we just wear more masks, this would all go away.” They never have to actually live by the results because they can always claim some people didn’t follow the mandate and are at fault.


This is how you can expect Biden to govern if he takes office. He’s a weak-kneed, career politician who will simply say what he feels will earn him the best media coverage. This is the same guy who didn’t even want to proceed with the Bin Laden raid. Forty years in Washington will do that to you, I suppose.

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