Chris Wallace Pushes Fox Further Over the Slide, As He Rants Biden Is 'President-Elect' to Sec. Azar

(Joe Raedle/Pool via AP)

How much has Fox gone over the slide?

Chris Wallace showed just how far today during his interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

Wallace tried to attack President Donald Trump over mask wearing.


“If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then, back in April, the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t we be in much better shape?”

“We welcome Vice President Biden to the club,” Azar responded back, noting that the guidelines in April had included mask wearing and social distancing.

The caused Wallace to flip out, objecting, “He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect.”

No, actually he isn’t. When there has been a concession and there hasn’t been any challenge, the term has been used although it isn’t the actual constitutional reality until the Electoral College votes him in. He doesn’t have 306 votes until that happens. Then Congress has to accept those votes.

It’s actually been really troubling and dangerous that media persists with this when media doesn’t get to declare Biden the president-elect. They didn’t do this when Al Gore was challenging the results and that lasted longer than the present challenges, at least so far.

But good for Azar for refusing to bend to Wallace and just moving right around him.

Beyond the question of the pimping for Joe Biden on the term, Wallace acts as thought Biden has been some shining light on the virus, when Trump has far outshone him on response.


Let’s again look at the facts. Biden and the other Democrats were initially more concerned about “hysterical xenophobia” then they were about the virus. Biden’s own coronavirus advisor said we have more to fear from fear than from the virus. Democrats encouraged people to go out to go to Chinatown and go on the subway.

Trump by the end of January: formed a task force, activated the CDC, declared a public health emergency and cut travel with China. He did literally everything you could do at that point. He subsequently cut travel with Europe. Biden? Biden didn’t even come out in favor of cutting travel until April 2. Imagine if he had been in charge, how many more people would have gotten it and how many more would be dead. We might be a lot closer to that 2 million number that was initially predicted.

It’s also because of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that we now have vaccines about to drop and be distributed because of pushing government cooperation with private industry.

Fox apparently has decided to depart from reality. But it’s causing a lot of their viewers to depart from them.


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