Shockingly, Democrats Are Already Telling Workers to 'Learn to Code' Again

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If anyone thought Democrats were going to learn any lessons from their unexpected failures on Election Day 2020, especially in the House, Senate, and state delegations, think again. Oh, who am I kidding. No one actually thought they would.


Rahm Emmanuel appeared on NBC News to give some sage advice to all the people who are about to lose their jobs if Biden wins the presidency, though he doesn’t admit that’s going to be the cause.

Why, all you peons should just go learn to code.


Remember when Twitter started banning right wing voices for telling journalists to learn to code, as if it was some nefarious, made up harassment technique? In reality, it’s a joke derived from the fact that Democrats are completely tone deaf, believing that working class Americans can just go take a few courses at the local community college and switch careers like it’s nothing.

Republicans have long understood the insanity of such suggestions, the least of which is that if everyone goes and learns to code, then such skills become mostly useless. Yet, we’ve seen this language from figures ranging from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden because workers are just abstract caricatures in their minds. They aren’t real people, with real lives, homes, and dreams. Sticking them in the next magical widget factory is all Democrats care about it.


Meanwhile, people like Emmanuel get to collect fact government pensions and media paychecks for being completely out of touch with the working class of this country. All the while they claim to be political “experts,” though what they’ve been right about in the last decade couldn’t fill a thimble.

The race for the presidency should not have been close. That so many Americans actively chose to go back down this path (I’m not saying that Biden won yet, but 73 million people have voted for him) is disappointing. Why do we always have to learn the hard way with economic stagnation, high taxes, and death of industries before the pendulum swings back? Wouldn’t have made a lot more sense to just keep partaking in the success we were having? Unfortunately, politics is the most fickle of arenas when it comes to public opinion.

Until everyone wakes up again, I guess we can all just go learn to code I suppose.

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