Tucker Carlson Goes Live During Fox News Election Coverage, Eviscerates the Media's Bad Predictions

AP Photo/Richard Drew

I’ll keep this short and sweet, as I know we are all glued to the returns right now, but I felt this was a clip worth sharing.

Tucker Carlson went on Fox News a short while ago during their Election Night coverage and absolutely evicerated the media for their garbage predictions about this election. To be clear, even if Biden pulls this out, this is nowhere near what CNN, MSNBC, and many at Fox News said would happen. Never mind how terrible the polls were in many of these states.



The clip speaks for itself, but Carlson points out in his typical excellent fashion how terrible our intellectual betters in the media are at their jobs. We’ve been hearing about a blow-out for months now. That’s clearly not going to happen now. Further, the Republicans are a heavy favorite to keep the Senate at this point.

What future is there for poll analysts and CNN’s election commentators now? I’d say not much of one.

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