Tony Bobulinski Shares Why He Came Forward About Joe Biden's Corruption, Adam Schiff Hardest Hit

Tony Bobulinksi gave an extensive interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night. In it, he laid out numerous pieces of documentary evidence to support his claims of Biden family corruption, including some of which involved Joe Biden himself. RedState did a full recap of the interview this morning which you can view by clicking here.


Inside of the big picture were lots of interesting aspects, and one stood out to me. Namely, Tony Bobulinksi gave the reason why he sought to expose all this in the first place. You’ll be less than shocked at the name he cites as his primary motivation.

If you’ll recall, when the Hunter Biden laptop story first broke in the New York Post, Adam Schiff ran to the Sunday shows to claim that there was intelligence showing that it was part of a Russian misinformation campaign. That turned out to be an outright lie, as the DNI and FBI would end up confirming that they have no data at all to support that conclusion. Later, that narrative would be definitively blown up by the testimony of the shop owner who took in the laptop. He also provided a receipt showing Hunter Biden signed to have them dropped off (see Repair Shop Receipt for Hunter Biden Laptop Revealed, Media Narrative Burns to the Ground).


Yet, because Schiff has made so much hay the last four years by just screaming “Russia!” over and over, he chose to play the game one too many times. While the media dutifully tried to push his fake talking points (see The Media Can’t Get Their Story Straight on Hunter Biden, and They Think You’re Stupid), Bobulinski saw it and began to stew. He could not understand why the Biden campaign was leaning into an obvious lie. That was what caused him to go public with all the documents he has. In short, had Adam Schiff just kept his mouth shut, none of this would be happening right now to the Biden campaign.

If Trump does end up pulling this out next week by defeating Joe Biden, there will be a lot of irony involved in the fact that Adam Schiff’s lies caused a huge October surprise that shifted the landscape of the election.

RedState contributor Sarah Lee provides a concise rundown of what’s transpired.


Bobulinski was supposed to be the guy who washes everything clean and keeps the money flowing in a nondescript direction. Accusing him of being a Russian agent was a bridge too far, though, and now all of this is out in the open because he chose not to sit idly by and be smeared. The Bidens can send Adam Schiff a nice thank you letter for that campaign contribution.

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