Infamous 'Anonymous' Op-Ed Writer and Trump Official Has Been Revealed, and It's Hilarious

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Some years ago, a supposed “high-level” Trump administration official penned a scathing op-ed in the pages of The New York Times. That set off a wave of speculation. Was it Nikki Haley? Was it Jared or Ivanka Trump? There was even talk it could be Mike Pence.


Well, the identity of that person has finally been revealed and it’s absolutely hilarious. The media have egg all over their face after this revelation.

You probably had the same reaction I did. Who is this guy? And how does this qualify as a “senior level” Trump administration official? Further, given his meager rank at DHS, how exactly was he even in a position to influence policy the way he asserted he could in his original op-ed? Remember, this guy painted himself as literally steering Trump away from tyranny.

This was an absolute grift, nothing more, and the media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

It gets better, though. Apparently, Taylor works for CNN because of freaking-course he does. In fact, he went on the network just two months ago and lied about not being “Anonymous.”


Brian Stelter was quick to attempt damage control, claiming that CNN was not aware of this when they hired him. Will they now fire him for lying on air? A network with some integrity would, right?

Color me incredibly skeptical. This nobody had no other reason to be hired by CNN if they didn’t know who he really was. I’d guess he revealed it to the high-ups in order to get the job but that the anchors themselves weren’t told.

And just in case this wasn’t all funny enough, the left are already turning on Taylor because he was at DHS during the period when “child separation” was going on.

In the end, Taylor is a name no one will recognize because he was completely inconsequential in the administration. He thought up this scam of purporting to be an “Anonymous,” high-level Trump official, claiming he was saving the nation, to get a CNN gig. Now, he’ll likely get another book deal to complete the grift. Meanwhile, our ridiculous, useless media are going to play along and pretend this isn’t a massive slap in their face because the orange man is bad.


As I write this, the Times is desperately trying to save this story instead of having to admit they got played. But we all know what happened here. This was literally the deep state personified, as in some worthless bureaucrat with a savior complex trying to make bank off of Donald Trump. He’s not the first and won’t be the last.

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