Insane: Dr. Fauci Wants a National Mask Mandate and Something Much, Much Worse

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is betting the house on Joe Biden winning the presidency, and it shows in his more recent media appearances. He’s completely forgone the façade of objectivity, choosing to selectively show his outrage about only certain, right-leaning gatherings while promoting some of the most outrageous virus mitigation steps you could imagine.


As I wrote last week, he strapped on his best water skis and jumped the shark some weeks ago.

This guy is a miniature tyrant, which isn’t surprising given the disposition of most career bureaucrats. Never mind that his suggestion is blatantly unconstitutional.

This man has been all over the map about the coronavirus, including being against masks at one point before turning them into a religious rite that may not be questioned under any circumstances. He also warned against lock downs before flipping to advocate strongly for their continued usage. That’s in direct conflict with all of the latest science, including the most recent guidance from the World Health Organization, which has no love for Donald Trump or the United States. Further, Fauci has made false comments about the virus’ ability to spread. I could keep going, but then this article would just be 500 words of Fauci’s mistakes.

Of course, when challenged on whether BLM protests or the Women’s March are super spreader events, Fauci refuses to answer. But when asked about Trump rallies, he’s very quick to give CNN exactly what they want by saying how supposedly dangerous they are. Why? Because this guy is a liberal Democrat who doesn’t make a single comment without thinking about the political connotations. The idea that he was ever apolitical was absolutely false, and a lot of conservatives who fell for this guy’s act should probably rethink how gullible they are.


But it gets worse. Fauci also wants you to wear a mask until possibly 2022.

That’s absolutely insane given the lack of evidence (and building evidence to the contrary) that masks are effective at stopping the spread of the virus. Some of the most masked up countries in the world reside in Europe, and those same countries are seeing the highest infection rates in the world as well. Even in the United States, we are seeing the highest infection numbers of the pandemic despite never having more widespread mask mandates. Why is Fauci not being made to answer for all this? Shouldn’t he have to provide commentary on why masks aren’t doing what he said they’d do?

And at what point do we start asking if these cheap masks that no one sanitizes properly are actually making things worse?


It’s at least possible, right? Yet, such research is effectively banned (see Major Denmark Study May Show Masks Are Largely Ineffective, Science Promptly Censors It) within the scientific community, and it is certainly banned as far as Fauci is concerned. Any hint that masks should be looked at with skepticism is crushed via Fauci and his media allies despite the lack of evidence on their side at this point.

As I’ve said before, I’m not anti-mask. Wear whatever the heck you want. But effectively banning differing viewpoints is dangerous and wrong. There are numerous studies from before and after the pandemic broke out that question the effectiveness of masks. There is also the possibility that the censorship of information is making things worse as case rates explode in Europe and the United States right now even as masking becomes more prevalent. Unfortunately, this is what we all have to look forward to if Joe Biden wins in November. He’s going to make Fauci the de facto leader on coronavirus, and he will have free rein to do whatever he wants. Vote accordingly.


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