Joe Biden Told Many Lies at the Debate, but One Was Bigger and More Insulting Than the Rest

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Joe Biden got thoroughly dusted in last night’s debate by a surprisingly calm and well prepared Donald Trump. The President thrived in a setting where the moderator couldn’t just interrupt him constantly and he took full advantage, ferociously pressing Biden on corruption.


The former VP was often left stumbling, and lying. He obviously lied about his son’s laptop being a Russian “plant” and about his previous opposition to fracking, but there was one lie that was so blatant that it stood above the rest.

Excerpt per National Review.

“The idea that I want to eliminate private insurance — not one person with private insurance would lose their health insurance under my plan,” Biden said. “Nor did they under Obamacare. They did not lose their insurance unless they chose [that] they wanted to go to something else.”

I mean, if you are going to lie, it should at least be believable right?

Obamacare absolutely caused people to lose their health insurance. In fact, things got so bad that the biased press still managed to hang that fact around Obama’s neck as the 2013 lie of the year (according to Politifact). These things are not even debatable. I personally lost my plan because it was a joint catastrophic-healthcare savings account plan. Obamacare made it illegal, leaving me to have to go scramble on the exchange to find one of their garbage, high deductible plans that gave me much less control over how I spend my healthcare dollars.

I wasn’t the only one to notice how big of a lie Biden told either. Others flocked to social media to share their stories.


Further, Biden’s first statement about his “new” plan is also false. If you enact a public option, you drain insurance companies of the pools needed to sustain payouts. That will essentially bankrupt them. For him to say, again, that no one will lose their plans if he gets his way is insulting to everyone’s intelligence at this point.

Perhaps worse is the ridiculous gaslighting we get from the media on this topic. They know Joe Biden lied blatantly about this last night. Instead of “fact-checking” him we get ridiculous assertions like the one Sister Toldjah covered this morning, with CNN’s Daniel Dale doing 20+ topics from the debate with all of them defending Biden.

Joe Biden is a liar, and he doesn’t lie about his hair or crowd sizes. He tells absolutely consequential lies about serious policy issues. Why? Because he’s arrogant enough to think no one will call him on it, and in relation to the media, he’s right.

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